Monday, November 9, 2009

2010 To-Do List (ongoing)

I've decided to start a list of all the things I'd like to do/change next year. As most who have been following along knows, this has been my year of self-sacrifice, and honestly, this year has pretty much sucked as a whole. But to look at things optimistically and on a positive note (because Jessica insists I must do this) - this year has enabled me to really call next year as mine. Guilt free. And I'm really starting to look forward to the possibilities. So here is my 2010 list:

* Travel!! - I have trips planned to California, Portland and possibly Sedona. And if we manage to make it through the summer without completely breaking the bank (unheard of before now) - I totally plan on rewarding us with a trip to Scotland.

* "Me" time - I'm looking forward to finding some things next year for just me (as opposed to family). I'm considering a quilting class (Erin's t-shirt quilt has inspired me!), a fitness class of some kind (yoga, pilates or kickboxing), and learning to sew/knit.

* Get Crafty - In relation to the above post, I'd like to reverse my input/output next year. This year I have taken a lot in and most of what I have put out was to benefit others. In 2010, I'd like to create more. In a perfect world I'd always be working on a project. Knitting, sewing and jewelry making are on the tops of that list. I'd also like to make a stained glass mirror, some yard art and create more stuff to hang on the walls. Big goals, but it can be done if I'd just close this damned laptop.

* Get off the phone - I'm on the phone 90% more than I'd like to be. Next year I'm moving towards texts and emails as Emily assures me it should only take a year to "reset" the phone call abusers. This provides many benefits. A.) I'll be able to think before I speak; B.) My energy won't be sapped by people who like to call and say nothing; and C.) I'll have more time to work on my many projects.

* Change up social dynamics - Some of my friendships have been really "trying" this year. After several discussions and psycho-analytical sessions with my husband, I realized I've been putting wayyyy too much energy into our friendships and social circle. I'd like to bring the focus back to our family and put less energy into my friendships. The ones who love me will respect it, the ones that don't will move on. And finally, I'm okay with that.

* Get in shape - This is a repeat of above, but it needs to be mentioned again. I've been talking about it for 3 years, but I need to make it a top priority. I've been feeling tired, lazy and embarrassed by how out of shape I am. I really miss the days when I felt good about myself. It's time to finally do something about it.

* Make changes for Izzy - Bless her heart, she has no friends. I need to put her in some kind of pre-school and start her in some classes of her own. This will do a lot for her and ease some of the Mama guilt I've got going on.


  1. Wow! Your list is way cooler than mine. So far all I have is:

    --learn to wipe ambidextrously

    --once and for all decide on a favorite color. black, red or dogwood rose.

    --figure out how to say, "Wassup Nigga!?" without people thinking I'm racist.

    Hey, before 2009 is over and you stop granting wishes to your friends could you rewrite this list for me in the style of 70's Shaft/Dolemite. You know something like, "I'm gonna get all crafty on yo ass!" or "Say brotha, lemme use that Hawaii Chair."

  2. Hey! I took my quilting class at the Quilt Store, here in Austin. Here is a link to all of their classes:

    I've taken two (the beginning quiltmaking, and a piece quilting class. I liked both of them a lot.

  3. Kevin, I adore you. You are still in the running to be my 4th ex-husband.

    Erin, thanks so much for the link!! I can't wait to check it out!

  4. :) I like the positivity... as you well know. I'm here to say that it can work and isn't a phase. Almost two months later, I'm still filled with love and only get a little aggro at the Keeper.

    I too would love to learn to quilt and am thankful to Erin for the links. I have boxes of some of my favorite clothes I've wanted to make a quilt of forever.

    Your list is so attainable. You said they are big goals... I say they're goals. Very very attainable goals and hopefully you'll find that when all comes out in the wash... your friends will be elated and supportive.